Investment News – September Highlights

If you are tight for time like I am, you will appreciate the monthly digest produced at Investment Factoids. I’m finally getting around to catching up on what was written about investing in September. Here are some of the highlights that I found interesting or useful:

  • Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at S&P, studied periods of decelerating earnings among S&P500 stocks dating back to 1966. In the six months after the peaks of profit cycles, stocks were up on 4 out of 10 occasions. Twelve months after such peaks, stocks were showing positive returns 6 out of 10 times. (“Don’t Worry if Earnings Go Soft” by Paul Lim, NY Times 9-26-04)
  • “The caricature of European companies as slow-moving, inflexible, inefficient entities, substandard when compared with their global peers, was always a gross generalization, but never more so than now,” the report’s authors, Ian Scott and Gareth Williams, wrote. “Despite a lackluster performance from European economies, the U.K. apart, and the headwind provided by currency appreciation, European companies have produced an impressive profit performance.” But that performance, they wrote, “so far has not been accorded the attention it deserves on the part of both investors and market commentators.” (“Europeans Streamline – Will the Market Notice?” by Conrad De Aenlle, NY Times 9-26-04)
  • Karen Richardson discusses why we need to watch out for bad news released on Friday’s from corporations. This reminds me of an episode of from the first season of West Wing. (“Friday’s & Bad News” WSJ 9-24-04)
  • Jonathan Weil also wrote an interesting article concerning off balance sheet leases. Off balance sheet leases are one of those financial red flags you have to watch out for. (“Companies Keep Leases Off Balance Sheets” WSJ 9-22-04 )

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