New Purchase in the Special Situations Real Money Port

I purchased 1,600 shares of stock yesterday in a company that is planning to go private. This stock, for the Special Situations Real Money Port, cost me a total of $3,702.95.  I used the new funds I added to this account recently to help fund the purchase of these shares. In just a week, the vote will be held for this going private transaction. Hopefully, all will go well.

By the way, I also mentioned yesterday that Major Automotive Companies shareholders approved their going private transaction. In a few weeks, I should be getting cash for this transaction. There’s been a lot of activity this week in the Special Situations Real Money Port, but I guess that is to be expected after the lull in activity over the past few weeks.

If you are curious in finding out what I just purchased, you can find out in Contributor’s Corner.  If you are patient, I’ll tell you all about this transaction next week when this deal is completed.

5 thoughts on “New Purchase in the Special Situations Real Money Port

  • March 16, 2006 at 12:16 am

    So if we don’t pay randsom for the info we don’t get it?

    I looked around and could not find such a deal. Must be buried deep.

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