JB Oxford Holdings Cash Received

Cash arrived today in my son’s Coverdell ESA account for the 99 shares of JB Oxford Holdings that I first bought back on December 5, 2005.  I received $293.04 in total, which is $2.96 per share for the 99 shares of JB Oxford (no fees charged).  That is pretty nice give that I only paid $1.90 per share for a total cost of $195.05 including commissions.

Let me take a closer look at how I made out on this little deal.  In just under 2 months, I made $97.99, which is a 50 percent gain on my original $195.05 investment.  That is a 311 percent average annualized gain!  I’m happy with that.

You can review my past activity by reading my recent Special Situations Real Money Portfolio 2005 Performance update.  Members of Fat Pitch Financials’ Contributor’s Corner receive notifications indicating my current purchases for Special Situations Real Money Portfolio and also have access to a list of similar going private transaction opportunities that is updated daily.

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