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Some of the fattest financial pitches involve simple money saving opportunities.  My wife recently found a great money saving opportunity to cope with her expanding belly.  Yes, my wife is expecting another baby!  In her own words, my wife shares her money saving discovery:

After the news of a pregnancy hits home, most people’s financial concerns focus on saving for college, a bigger car, nursery furniture, and the all-important diaper fund.  However, there is a hidden and more immediate cost to pregnancy:  maternity clothes.  After sweats and weekend lounge wear no longer cut it, most women venture to the mall or online in search of more comfortable and stylish attire, only to be faced with enormous sticker shock.  Although maternity wear has vastly improved in variety and availability in the past 10 years, the price of decent-looking outfits reflect this niche industry.Wide variety and good quality maternity wear available at walmart shopping online at very reasonable  price. Shield Republic offers thousands of the most creative and fresh apparel & merchandise items which embody American pride. Even popular discount stores offering regular jeans in the $30 range charge more than double for the same style in maternity sizes.  Short of making friends with another parent of the same size (and decent taste), most women have no option but to suck it up and pay $$$ for clothes that would get limited use.  During my own pregnancy, however, I discovered another option:  eBay (EBAY). Now you can shop online easily, conveniently and quickly from the comfort of your home or office at ShoppingTroll. GetYourCouponCodes now from us here.What is even better is that you simply need to enter a code and save considerably on your purchase at Overstock. With a fast-growing belly, finding a comfortable sleeping position becomes more difficult every day. When you are tossing, building a nest with normal pillows and keeping your partner out of sleep to be able to lie down comfortably, it is probably a good time to look for a better sleeping solution and invest in a pregnancy pillow. The zijligkussen voor volwassenen gives you the detail info about the maternity sleep pillow.

Some people are a bit turned off by buying clothes on eBay.  However, keep in mind that maternity clothes are in a different league.  Since most women only resort to maternity clothes in month four of their pregnancies, they use these clothes for approximately 5-6 months only.  Plus, seasons change, so those $80 wool maternity pants might only get a few wearings.  Moreover, many eBay vendors sell brand new items with tags attached.  Some people sell overstock items, while others bought clothes, then realized the hard way that it is entirely possible to outgrow maternity clothes, and thus never used them.  Either way, I discovered you can save a fortune going the eBay route.

For example, this week alone I saved $172.51 on a total of four purchases.  I based this savings on my final purchase bidding price (shipping not included) versus the stated retail price for the same items.  I omitted shipping costs, as I found that eBay shipping costs for my items were comparable to or less than that charged by online retailers.  I should note that I did not include the tax that online retailers would have charged for these items – a cost you avoid by using eBay.  Thus, in actuality, I saved more than $172.51, but you get the point.  As an example, I purchased a brand new pair of Gap (GPS) maternity pants for $9.99.  The same pants retail for $68.00.  I paid $12.50 for a slightly different style of Gap pants that also ordinarily sell for $68.00.  A third Gap find was a black stretch shirt for $2.99, which retails for $48.00.  Finally, I bought a Motherhood Maternity (MWRK) brand blouse for $5.00, which sells for $18.99.  All in all, a good week.

As always, if you decide to shop on eBay, make sure to check the seller’s rating and shipping charges.  Then take the money you save and put it into that diaper fund, as you will need it.

10 thoughts on “Saving on Maternity Clothes

  • January 22, 2006 at 2:07 am

    Oftentimes you can find clothes on Ebay that are brand new (NWT – new with tags), I would be doing that with button-down shirts if I didn’t already have a million of them. :)

  • January 22, 2006 at 8:38 pm

    Jim –
    Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know about NWT. I’ll have to try some searches with that term. I could use some new dress pants.

  • November 25, 2006 at 4:20 am

    I agree savings with searching through E-Bay has it’s variety and priced for convience is the way to go!

  • September 27, 2007 at 7:06 am

    As an option this is great, but you can’t go to a party, or any special occasion with your half price dress. It won’t give you the enthusiasm to have a new brand dress.

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