Widest Moat Contest

I’m always on the lookout for discussions of wide moat companies.  So when Gannon on Investing announced a widest moat contest, I signed right up. 

In his latest podcast, Geoffrey Gannon discusses two of the contest entries he has received.  You can hear me discuss why I think Microsoft (MSFT) has the widest moat. 

There is also an entry for eBay (EBAY).  Ebay also has a massive moat like Microsoft.  You can vote on Gannon’s site on which company you think has the widest moat this week.

Gannon’s podcast is the first podcast I’ve downloaded and listened to on my PocketPC. I’ve started listening to his shows as I take the metro to work.  I need to look around for some software to make it easier for me to automatically get podcast updates on my PocketPC.  I think podcasts will be an efficient way for me to get news when I’m stuck standing up on the metro when it is too crowded for me to sit and read. 

Disclosure: Gannon on Investing is a sponsor of Fat Pitch Financials.

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