Festival of Stocks Berkshire Hathaway Meeting 2011 Edition

Welcome to the May 2, 2011 edition of the Festival of Stocks. The Festival of Stocks is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best posts on stock market related topics.Fat Pitch Financials is the actual birth place of this online weekly event, so it is always a special occasion when I get the chance to host this roving event.

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Now that you are familiar with Fat Pitch Financials, let’s take a look at this week’s Festival of Stock participants. Here are this week’s entries:

Top Visited Stories at Value Investing News:

  1. Ultimate 2011 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Guide
  2. Ben Graham Formula Stocks
  3. 5 Classic Mistakes Individual Investors Make
  4. Are You Patient Enough To Be Wealthy? These 12 Dividend Stocks Will Help You Wait
  5. Stock Analysis Process – How Geoff Researches Stocks

MikeAhi presents How CAMAX Found a Home in My Portfolio. posted at After Hours Investing, saying, “How the Cambiar Aggressive Value fund appeared on the radar and eventually in one investor’s portfolio.”

The Financial Blogger presents Canadian Dividend Stocks posted at The Financial Blogger, saying, “Are you on top of Canadian dividend stocks?”

Dividends4Life presents Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) Dividend Stock Analysis posted at Dividend Growth Stocks, saying, “Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the largest retailer in North America and operates a chain of discount department stores, wholesale clubs, and combination discount stores and supermarkets. Linked here is a detailed analysis and commentary.”

My Journey presents Understanding Losses In Your Portfolio posted at My Journey to Millions, saying, “I don’t think most individuals really understand what happens when their investments take a hit and lose value. Investors often do not realize that when you lose X% in your portfolio you are going to need X% + Y to get even.”

Boomer presents Three Dividend Stocks On My Watch List posted at Boomer & Echo, saying, “Today there are just a few high yielding large cap stocks for the value investor to choose from. Here’s a look at three dividend stocks currently on my radar:”

Ken Faulkenberry presents The Best Value Equity Asset Allocation Strategies posted at Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP) Blog, saying, “Examining the best value asset allocation strategies will help investors develop a successful investment management system.”

The Amateur Financier presents Advice to Individual Stock Investors posted at The Amateur Financier, saying, “A list of several suggestions to individual stock investors to help them make wise investment choices.”

Jim Yih presents Principles of Investing posted at Retire Happy Blog, saying, “An important look at the principles of investing.”

Tom presents Caution: Don’t Always Invest Based on Others Predictions posted at StupidCents, saying, “The most important decision when it comes to you investments should be asset allocation, or the allocation of your portfolio to stocks and bonds.”

Dividend Growth Investor presents Philip Morris International (PM) Dividend Stock Analysis posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, “Philip Morris International Inc. (PM), through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in markets outside of the United States. The company was spun off from Altria Group (MO) in 2008, in an effort to separate the international operations of the tobacco conglomerate from potential harmful litigation in the US. I own shares in both companies.”

Tom Drake presents Canadian Index ETFs – XIU vs XIC posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Outlaw presents Top 5 Common Investment Mistakes posted at Outlaw Finance: Investing Blog.

That concludes this edition of the Festival of Stocks. Be sure an leave comments as you visit each of the blogs that participated in this week’s Festival of Stocks. They’ll appreciate knowing folks are reading their articles.

If you are interested in volunteering to host a future edition of the Festival of Stocks, just contact me right away with the name of your site, blog URL, email address, and the date your prefer to host. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Festival of Stocks using our carnival submission form. If you have any trouble with the prior carnival submission form, you can use the BC Workaround Submitter instead. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our Festival of Stocks index page for those of you interested in reviewing the archives.

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