My Favorite Research Tool and It’s Free!

If I’m looking for a quick overview of a company that I might be interested in investing in, I turn to Reuters Investing. This site provides comprehensive company profiles, quotes, charts, lists of key developments, five years of financial statements, financial ratios, insider transactions, institutional holders, and analyst estimates for almost every public company out there.

I especially like the way the financial statements go back five years and even includes stock based compensation expenses (i.e. those sneaky stock option expenses that companies don’t like to report in their statements). You have to register with Reuters for this detailed information, but the free registration is definitely worth it.

On top of it all, under the Ideas & Screening section there is a great screening tool called PowerScreener. It’s a lot of fun, if you’re a big stock nerd like I am, to build your own screens with this excellent tool. Take it for a spin and let us know what your favorite screen is.

In addition to the PowerScreener, I have also been watching the Reuters Select Lesser Known Stock Screen in my quest to find some unnoticed bargains in the market. You might also be interested in the other Reuters Select screens that are based on their “premium” database and have historical performance results.

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