ValueWiki Acquired by Wikia

Yesterday, Wikia announced the acquisition of ValueWiki.  I was actually involved in adding content to Valuewiki when it first came out back in 2006. I was real excited to hear that founders, Jonathan Stokes and Zach Greenberger, were bought out. It gives me hope for my own little social media project, Value Investing News.

ValueWiki  is a site dedicated to helping people make informed financial decisions from shared content. Valuewiki was formed in August 2006 and currently holds over 250,000 pages of comprehensive information about both large and small stock assets.  Wikia plans to expand these sites by embracing the existing community and attracting new contributors.

CEO of Wikia, Gil Penchina announced, “Valuewiki is a great addition to Wikia’s service and a great way to address the problems investors currently face as they are forced to wade through unnecessary chatter and frequent disputes regularly found on existing message board sites.” He also stated, ” Wikia supports Valuewiki with community building expertise to reach a broader audience, increase content and be recognized as a top destination for investors.”  It will be interesting to see if they will be able to create an active community on ValueWiki.  It might be worth keeping an eye on ValueWiki to see if it will develop into a tool that could be of value to serious investors.

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