Coverdell ESA Purchases

I made two purchases in my Coverdell ESA account today. These two new going private transactions cost me a total of $761.72.

Wondering what those two stocks are? I decided to protect myself and limit access to my new purchases to Fat Pitch Financial contributors. The reason why I am limiting my discussion of my current holding revolves around the amount of interest that some of my current going private transaction purchases have generated. Some of the recent going private transactions had so many investors that management almost called off those deals because of how expensive they had gotten.

I will continue to report on completed going private transactions here, as well as update you on the overall performance of my real money portfolio. I will also drop a quick note here indicating that I just made a new investment.

If you are interested in following the stock purchases in my real money portfolio, please consider making a $50 dollar contribution to Fat Pitch Financials. It will get you access to Fat Pitch Financials’ Contributor’s Corner for one year, where you will also gain access to the entire current going private transaction list that I maintain. This is a good time to take advantage of this opportunity since I plan on increasing the minimum contribution required to gain access to Contributor’s Corner at the end of the year.

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