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Here are the top stories of the week at Value Investing News:

  1. Walter Schloss Collection
    Inspired by the Walter Schloss: 16 Golden Rules For Investing, I thought i would share my little collection that I have found over the past 2 years or so. A hat tip goes out to Mr. Market Blog for compiling all this great information.
  2. 5 Great Companies to Research This Weekend
    Looking for some companies to research this weekend? Here are five that I like. Each passes the ModernGraham tests for the Enterprising Investor, based on the teachings of Benjamin Graham.
  3. 10 Stocks Taking Their Dividends Up A Notch
    There have always been great companies that stand head-and-shoulders above their peers and the competition. Just as all great companies have have something in common, great dividend companies also have something in common.
  4. Face-Off: Pharmaceutical Distributors
    MagicDiligence puts 3 competitors, all Magic Formula stocks, up against each other in this face-off of pharmaceutical distribution companies.
  5. 3 High-Yield Telecom Dividend Stocks
    Adding a degree of risk to your income portfolio can potentially boost your returns. Obviously, this needs to be kept in check because many (most?) risky investments never pan out. So instead of a boost in return, the risky investments end up being a drag on your portfolio.
  6. Is now the time to sell your dividend stocks?
    The strong bullish move off of March 2009 lows has lifted many stocks, thus creating large unrealized paper gains for many dividend investors. While prices have enjoyed a steep run-up, dividend yields, which move inversely to prices, have declined in the process.
  7. Evan Davis of BBC Talks With Warren Buffett
    BBC’s Evan Davis conducted a great interview with Warren Buffett. I thought it was an entertaining interview in which multiple subjects were covered such as investing, taxes, crisis , derivatives, etc..
  8. David Sokol: Looking More Like Buffett’s Successor
    David Sokol appeared on CNBC this morning and commented on a variety of topics. It appears that Mr. Sokol is not only taking on more operational responsibilities at Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries but is also appearing in public more often and commenting on a wider range of topics.
  9. Ideas from the 2009 Value Investing Congress New York
    Investment ideas from the 5th annual Value Investing Congress in New York. Includes stock ideas from Bill Ackman, Whitney Tilson, Alexander Roepers, Julian Robertson, David Einhorn, David Nierenberg, and more.
  10. The Financial Crisis as a Symbol of the Failure of Academic Finance?
    The failure of academic finance can be considered one of the symbols of the financial crisis.

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