Weekend Value Investing Reading – October 17, 2009

If your weather is anything like it is here, you will likely be spending the weekend at home. Brew up a good cup of coffee and browse through these top Value Investing News stories:

  1. Debt coverage for sustainable dividends
  2. 5 Problems with a Long-term Stock Holding Period
  3. Dividend Payout vs. Free Cash Flow Payout
  4. Timing The Market
  5. The DIV-Net: Stock Analysis: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT)
  6. Market volatility and how to handle it
  7. 9 John Wooden Quotes for Value Investors
  8. A look at 5 Defensive Plays 1 Year Later!
  9. Cash Flowing & Growing!
  10. MFI Stock Review: DynCorp (DCP)

Also be sure to check out this past week’s Festival of Stocks at TIPBlog.in. Keep dry and have a great weekend!

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