Hot Stories This Week at Value Investing News

We are in the heat of the summer now. Many of you may be on vacation, but these hot stories this past week at Value Investing News are worth checking out:

  1. August Contest – Value Investing Congress FREE Admission Raffle
  2. Magic Formula Weekly Roundup 8/8
  3. Dividend Stocks: Lowering Risk By Increasing Dividends
  4. 7 Investor Traits to Achieve Success
  5. 13 dividend stocks to enter on dips
  6. 9 Dividend Stocks in the news
  7. The Penalty for Ignoring Goodwill
  8. Wal-Mart (WMT) Dividend Stock Analysis
  9. Dividend Aristocrats: YTD Raisers vs. Cutters
  10. Interactive Data Corp (IDC) is an Attractive Value Stock
  11. What Would Warren Do?
  12. Dividend Stocks Secret Ingredient

Be sure to voice your opinion on these story links by either voting up or down on the articles by using the arrows to the left of each of the article descriptions. Help pick next week’s top stories by then reviewing the stories that just recently arrived in Value Investing News Queue. Thank you and have a great weekend.

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