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I’m running a reader survey at Fat Pitch Financials. Don’t be alarmed if you see an overlay on the site asking you to complete a survey. Only a small portion of readers will receive the random pop-up for the survey.

Please participate in the survey. The survey will help me better understand my audience and it will also help me sell my advertising space. Thank you for your support.

One thought on “Reader Survey

  • June 15, 2009 at 3:18 am

    What is the survey about ? We in Malaysia are enjoying high growth and high inflation, I do not understand all this complaining. We have to thank China for our strong growth as our economy was going down until March 2009 and China rescued us by buying our commodities. Currently there is strong job market, 2 jobs for every worker, we have to import in foreign labour to do jobs that locals do not want to do ! We have high inflation, an example is a local dessert called “cendol” selling for $1.20 in local currency a month ago, is now selling for $ 1.80 in local currency. Thats a hefty increase, so don’t complain, enjoy the boom ! If you want to spend more just job hop to a higher salary, thats what we are doing in Malaysia !

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