30 Days to Becoming a Better Investor – Day 2

I hope you got a chance to read through yesterday’s tips for becoming a better investor. I have two more great entries for you to study today.

First, The Dividend Guy details his method of selecting energy stock for his portfolio in the post entitled, Energy Stocks and Dividends. He utilizes Mergent Dividend Achiever list to check out the dividend payments for the companies on his list. Some interesting discussion accompanies his post.

One of my readers also submitted some advise that might help you maximize your after-tax investment returns. Dwight G. wrote:

Not much of a financial trick, but it should benefit me down the road.

Due to exercising some stock options this year I hit the maximum withholding on Social Security just after the middle of the year. Instead of having the 6% formerly withheld included in my paycheck, I increased my
401K withholding to capture the bulk of that windfall. So an additional $1,800 was funneled into my retirement accounts, and with 20 years to go until I retire: at 7%/year that will be about $7,000, or at 10%/year it will be an extra $12,000 to spend.

Again, nothing spectacular, but for those unaccustomed to hitting the maximum withholding amount it might be a good reminder that you can benefit in different ways.

You can keep track of the 30 Days to Becoming a Better Investor community event by bookmarking this link to the archive of all the entries.

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