How Much Is Fat Pitch Financials Worth?

Everything has a value and apparently Fat Pitch Financials even has one too. Dane Carlson over at the Business Opportunities Weblog created a simple and easy to use tool to estimate the value of a blog. The tool determines the relative value of a blog using the same link to dollar ratio as the recent purchase of Weblogs Inc by AOL.

So what is Fat Pitch Financials worth? Take a look:

My blog is worth $14,678.04.
How much is your blog worth?

Any takers?

I guess this is why I avoid using relative valuations when analyzing stocks, and stick with strictly estimating value with a discounted cash flows (DCF) model. I don’t quite think Fat Pitch Financials is worth quite as much, based on DCF. Maybe someone will prove me wrong and make an offer. Ultimately, what the market is willing to pay is the real arbiter of price, not necessarily intrinsic value.

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