Top Stories of the Week at Value Investing News, Valentine’s Edition

Kick off this Valentine’s Day weekend with the following top stories from Value Investing News:

  1. Buffett’s Stock Market Indicator
  2. Stocks With Pension Funds Lose Worth
  3. When Greed Interferes: Puget Power (PSD)
  4. Magic Formula Stocks On The Move 2-07-09
  5. The Dividend Edge
  6. Stock Analysis: Paychex Inc (PAYX)
  7. Magic Formula Stock Review: Heartland Payment Systems (HPY)
  8. Charles T. Munger – Sacrificing To Restore Market Confidence
  9. Foreign Stocks with Magic Formula Characteristics
  10. Magic Formula Weekly Roundup 2/6

Don’t forget, we are also running another contest this month at Value Investing News. We are giving away copies of Old School Value’s exclusive Intrinsic Value Spreedsheets. All you have to do is register at Value Investing News, vote on story links, submit links to great value investing news, and post in our forum. In return, you will get customized reading recommendations and a collaboratively filtered list of top notch financial news.

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