117th Edition of the Festival of Stocks

Welcome to the December 1, 2008 edition of Festival of Stocks. The Festival of Stocks is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best posts on stock market related topics. Fat Pitch Financials is the actual birth place of this online weekly event, so it is always a special occassion when I get the chance to host this roving event.

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Now that you are familiar with Fat Pitch Financials, let’s take a look at this week’s Festival of Stock participants. There are a dozen entries this week divided up into stock analysis, value investing, portfolio management, and trading. Here are this week’s entries:

Stock Analysis

* Editor’s Choice * Quick Take: Net 1 UEPS Technologies (UEPS) posted at MagicDiligence. Net 1 UEPS Technologies has developed a system for electronic payments “off the grid”. This is a great growth story with the potential for significant long-term growth, but customer concentration and an uncertain future adds risk. (UEPS)

Caterpillar (CAT) Heavy Equipment Time posted at Learn The Stock Market And How to Trade. Bill Spohnholtz discusses his stock pick, Caterpillar, and his view of why he likes this stock. Stocks: (CAT)

Bill Ackman Buys a Penny Stock posted at Wall Street’s Finest. This blog post looks at Bill Ackman’s recent stock purchase of General Growth Properties announced in a recent SEC filing by Pershing Square. Stocks: (GGP)

Stock Analysis: Entertainment Properties Trust (EPR) A Buy, But… posted at Dividends 4 Life. Entertainment Properties Trust, a real estate investment trust (REIT), develops and acquires entertainment and related properties. Linked here is a detailed analysis and commentary. Stocks: (EPR)

Forbes Best Small Companies Project: Part 2 posted at Old School Value. Jae Jun continues going through the list of Forbes 200 Best Small Companies to find the gems. Stocks: (STRA) (JCOM) (CMTL)

40 Value Stocks that Graham Would Buy posted at Dividend Growth Investor. A list of net current asset value stocks.

Opinion on Valueclick (VCLK) posted at Intelligent Speculator. This blogger would own this stock, but would hope for either an acquisition rumor or a detailed plan. This would be based a low valuation and very limited downside because of its strong balance sheet. Stocks: (VCLK) (BIDU) (YHOO)

Capital Properties: Special Situation Deal Gone Bad posted here at Fat Pitch Financials. I’ve been reporting on several successful special situations, but I wanted to reminder readers that not all of them turn out well. Stocks: (CPI)

Value Investing

* Editor’s Choice * Stock Delistings – How to Cope posted at Qovax. Watching a stock you own get delisted from an exchange can be a traumatic event. This post gives you seven steps on how to handle this situation.

Value Investing: Stay Strong! posted at Barel Karsan. Value investing is mentally challenging, especially in down markets. The article encourages value investors to maintain discipline to capitalize on the opportunities Mr. Market is offering.

The Five Keys To Value Investing Profits posted at Contrarian Profits. Even the most conservative value funds have been whacked this year. But Keith Fitz-Gerald says following a value-investing discipline is the smartest thing to do right now. That’s where the big recovery gains will be. He gives five tips on how to seek out “real value” in the market.

And we… “thought it was different this time…” posted at Bootstrap Investing. This post looks back at a Seth Klarman quote from “Margin of Safety” that relates to today’s CDO mess.

Portfolio Management

401(k) Retirement Plans posted at Investing School. Everything about 401(k) retirement plans.

Is Your 401k Account Safe? posted at The Digerati Life. Most people invest their 401k funds in equities and the stock market for long term growth. So the question is, how safe is our 401k during a financial crisis?

Fixed Income vs. Equities after the 40% Decline posted at My Wealth Builder. By this blogger’s calculations, a 5% CD did as well or better than a diversified stock portfolio over the past 25 years.


Improving Already Successful Day Trading posted at Top Dog Trading. A video on how to increase your profits, without trading more shares.


That concludes this edition of the Festival of Stocks. Next week’s Festival of Stocks will be at Old School Value. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Festival of Stocks using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our Festival of Stocks index page for those of you interested in reviewing the archives. If you are interested in volunteering to host a future edition of the Festival of Stocks, just contact me with the name of your site, blog URL, email address, and the date your prefer to host.

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