September 27th Financial Carnival

This weeks Carnival of Personal Finance is being hosted by Free Money Finance. As always, there is plenty of good information at the carnival that could save you some good money. My recent article about opening an EmigrantDirect savings account was included in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

A funny thing happened to the Carnival of the Capitalists this week. It was missing in action this Monday. The CIO Weblog was originally slated to host this weeks carnival, but apparently the was some sort of miscommunication. (Not surprising that the tech oriented CIOs had a communication breakdown. In my organization, it’s a common occurance. Chief Information Officers seem to focus on the technology aspect of information and data management, and often fail to communicate and disseminate the information that they manage.)

AnyLetter picked up the slack amidst this confusion and hosted the Carnival of the Capitalists this week. Andrew Hughes did a great job pulling this together at the last minute. My recent article regarding an extension for compliance for small corporations was included in AnyLetter’s post.

I’ll be out of town for the next two days, so there may be some delays in the current going private transactions list. However, when I come back I’m hoping to finally complete my major upgrade to the going private transactions list. Stay tune…

One thought on “September 27th Financial Carnival

  • October 1, 2005 at 10:57 pm


    “… Not surprising that the tech oriented CIOs had a communication breakdown …”

    With all due respect, I will say that it’s probably a little unfair to characterize the team as tech-oriented and poor communicators without knowing exactly what went on and the parties involved. Additionally, authoring for a blog is a little different than a CIO’s job, the latter which tends to include a greater percentage of full-time particpants who actually get paid salaries.

    I will say that Andrew did a great job of picking up the ball. I also appreciate Jay for contacting me for the first-time ever on Monday. Otherwise, the Carnival probably would have zoomed on by without me knowing it as I have not followed it for some tim

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