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Here’s a list of top stories this week at Value Investing News to help start your weekend reading:

  1. How is Joel Greenblatt Performing in this Market?
    Joel Greenblatt recently disclosed his stock purchases in the past 6 months. We look at the performance of those picks. How is the inventor of Magic Formula Investing holding up in this train wreck of a market?
  2. The DIV-Net: Ben Graham Net Net Deep Value Stocks
    Learn about Ben Graham’s style of deep value companies and how to find them.
  3. I’ll Pass on Eaton Corp (ETN), for now
    Berkshire’s latest 13-F reveals a new position of 2.9 million shares in Eaton Corp (ETN). This is a small stake when compared to Berkshires other purchases. As George from Fat Pitch Financials mentions, the question remains as to whether this is a Buffett pick or from a subsidiary.
  4. Forbes 200 Best Small Companies Project
    Forbes listed the 200 best small companies in its october issue. My goal is to go through each one and find the ones worthy of investment. The first 15 have already revealed 7 candidates worthy of further analysis.
  5. 10 by 10: A New Way to Look at Yield and Dividend Growth
    Dividend investors often set minimum requirements for an “acceptable initial dividend yield and/or dividend growth rate when they are considering buying a dividend stock. Thus one investor might say, “I won’t invest in a dividend stock with a starting yield less than 3%. Another might say, “I want a minimum 10% per year dividend increase.
  6. Joel Greenblatt on Stock Shopping Spree
    Ever wonder why Joel Greenblatt does not use his Magic Formula for his own portfolio? Here we go. Instead of a very concentrated portfolio, he bought 156 stocks with a $63 million portfolio. Now let’s see how a real magic formula portfolio works. These are the details of the buys…
  7. Is Negative Dividend News Good for the Stock Price?
    Last week there were several companies that cut or suspended their dividend payments. As part of my studies to uncover market inefficiencies pertaining to dividend stocks I am measuring the performance of those dividend suspenders or cutters. As part of my sample I am measuring stocks which trade at least several hundred thousand shares per day.
  8. Looking Ahead To When Auto Sales Return
    Value investors like to take advantage of markets like these, where cyclical dips allow investors to buy companies on the cheap. There are a few criteria to consider which will determine whether a stock qualifies as a low-risk, long-term investment.
  9. The Role of Consumer Confidence
    As seen from the chart below, consumer confidence is at levels not seen since the early 1990s (source: The only good news right now in the chart above is that by definition the confidence level cannot go below zero. But is consumer confidence even important?
  10. Sir John Templeton And The Basket Approach?
    A brief bio on Sir John Templeton and his basket approach during the late depression years…
  11. Peter Schiff Earned My Respect
    WARNING! The stuff you are about to witness is of gospel material. I will stop typing and let the video speak for itself.
  12. Measuring Dividend Stocks Investment Risk Profile
    Once you know your investment risk profile, how do you gauge the risk of individual securities in your portfolio or your portfolio as a whole? I tend to weigh the risk on my portfolio as a whole and make adjustments through the selection of more or less risky investments.
  13. Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio Holdings as of September 30, 2008
    A look at the third quarter changes made by Warren Buffett in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.
  14. Which stocks is Buffett buying right now?
    The SEC just released an updated list of Berkshire Hathaway’s stock holdings as of 09/30/2008. The Oracle of Omaha, who is the main capital allocator for Berkshire added to the following positions:
  15. Ackman: Yes, We Have No AIG
    Insurer’s stock momentarily pops on report of stake, but hedge-fund manager says he’s already sold.

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