September 5th Financial Carnivals

This weeks carnival tour starts with the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Savvy Saver. My recent post summarizing the history of my Special Situations Real Money Port was featured in this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance.

I have been thinking about getting new glasses and updating my home’s heating and air conditioning system, and this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance features two articles that will likely save me some money. One article features money savings experience with purchasing eyeglasses and contacts and the other article details the new tax credit for energy saving home improvements. Considering Hurricane Katrina, The Happy Capitalist’s article titled, “Disaster drill for financial documents” is an important reminder to safeguard your financial documents.

My recent article on stocks impacted by Hurricane Katrina was featured in this weeks Carnival of the Capitalists. If you can wade through the text, there are a wide variety of business articles to be discovered.

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