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[This post is part of ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Building a Better Blog series. This post doesn’t discuss investing or personal finance, but it does discuss how to add free content to your webpages.]

You may have noticed that many websites now include news feeds. You might even already be using these RSS or Atom feeds to keep track of your favorite sites in a news feed reader, such as Bloglines or on your My Yahoo! homepage. However, you may not have tried to use these news feeds to display the headlines of your favorite sites on your own webpage or help others display your headlines on their sites. I’ll show you how to do this using FeedBurner’s BuzzBoost.

It’s fairly easy to syndicate content using the great services provided by FeedBurner. The first step simply involves signing up with FeedBurner (it’s free) and then burning your webpage or feed URL by pasting your link into the box provided. After you customize your burned feed, you are then provided with a new feed URL, such as

You can then sign back into FeedBurner and look for Publicize… under the actions list for your burned feeds. Then look for BuzzBoost and then click on Set Up/Update BuzzBoost. The BuzzBoost setup allow you to determine the number of items to display. It also allows you to determine how links are opened, the feed title is displayed, the amount of content that is displayed, and the format of publication dates. It even allows for media links to be displayed for podcast feeds. I recommend that you set a liberal number of titles to be displayed, include publication dates, and display some plain text content for each headline. Adding this content in the settings will allow greater flexibility later when customizing the display of headlines.

You can display the headlines of Fat Pitch Finanicials by inserting the following code onto your webpage:

<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript">
<noscript><p>Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href="">Fat Pitch Financials</a><br/>Powered by FeedBurner</p> </noscript></script>

The above code will display the following:

You can customize the styling of the resyndicated feed using Cascading Style Sheets as detailed in the using BuzzBoost documentation. In addition, you can also customize the information that is displayed in the headlines. The following code has been customized to allow only 3 headline items, links that open in new windows, no display of dates, and no display of excerpts.

<script language="JavaScript" src="
&displayDate=false&displayExcerpts=false" type="text/javascript">
<noscript><p>Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href="">Fat Pitch Financials</a><br/>Powered by FeedBurner</p> </noscript></script>

The code above displays the following:

You can see the headlines of Fat Pitch Financials in action on the right side of Shai Dardashti on Grahamian Value. I’m also displaying headlines from Shai’s website on the right side of this page. Notice how the headlines blend right into the styles of each website. BuzzBoost provides a convenient and easy way to display feed headlines on your website, but there are some other more technical options that you might also consider using.

If you would like assistance in adding headlines from Fat Pitch Financials on your site, please feel free to contact me.

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