FFD Financial Dividend

I just noticed that I received a dividend for FFD Financials (FFDF) in my taxable account. The dividend was posted to my account on August 15th, but I only noticed it today. It was a pleasant surprise to see an extra $33.00 in my account. As you might remember, I purchased 300 shares of FFDF on May 25, 2005.

Apparently, if you bought FFDF before July 27th, you were entitled to $0.11 a share in dividends. The lesson I learned on this stock is that it is important to note the potential for any dividends when watching a company that is planning to go private. You want to be sure to purchase the stock before the ex-dividend date to capture the additional cash associated with any dividend payments.

I also just received the proxy statement for FFDF. I need to submit my vote soon for this proxy. Then I just have to wait until September 20th to find out if the proposed going private transaction will be approved by the shareholders. Hopefully, the vote will go smoothly.

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