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114th Edition of the Festival of Stocks

Welcome to the November 10, 2008 edition of Festival of Stocks. The Festival of Stocks is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best posts on stock market related topics. Fat Pitch Financials is the actual birth place of this online weekly event, so it is always a special occassion when I get the chance

Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio Mid-Year Update 2008

The Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio has maintained its downward trajectory this past month. The portfolio ended June with a balance of $1,225,136.89 versus the May balance of $1,291,425.91. On a positive note, while the Fat Pitch Financials Port was down only 4.09%, the S&P 500 was down 8.43% this past month according to the Fat Pitch Financials

10Q Detective vs Yahoo

I don’t like to see fellow financial bloggers stiffled by mainstream media. So when I heard that Yahoo (YHOO) sent the 10Q Detective an email indicating that he “may” have violated their terms of service, I felt that I should share this disturbing news with my readers.  Apparently, the 10Q Detective has been shedding some light on

Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio April 2008

The Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio was down 1.21% in April. Considering that the S&P 500 was up 4.87% last month, this performance was rather disappointing. Looking back over the past 12 months, performance was was a bit better. The Fat Pitch Financials Port was up 0.36% versus a negative -4.93% for the S&P 500. Most importantly,

Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio Update for February 2008

The Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio basically broke even in February. I started the month out with a balance of $1,375,445.21 and ended the month with a balance of $1,350,582.57 for a change of 0.04% this month. Nevertheless, this still beat out the negative 1.61% return for the S&P 500 over the same period. This month was not

Festival of Stocks at Stock Market Prognosticator

This week’s Festival of Stocks is at Stock Market Prognosticator. There are lots of articles to review this week. One of them includes my list of Consistent Cash Creators. I enjoyed reading the articles on the proposed Microsoft (MSFT) buyout of Yahoo (YHOO) at My Wealth Builder and MarketVise. I hold Microsoft in the Fat

Weekend Reading From Value Investing News

The weekend is finally here.  Time to kick back and relax. I love catching up on my reading over the weekend.  If you do too, you’ll enjoy this list of this week’s top stories on Value Investing News: Has Yahoo! Bottomed Out? A Cool Bookstore: Fraser Publishing Legg Mason Value Trust (LMVTX) Letter to Shareholders Tilson Fund

Potential Large Cap Wide Moat Companies – Rule #1 Big Five

I recently received an email from one of my readers asking for the list of stocks I produced when I tried to replicate Phil Town’s Rule #1 Big 5 Numbers back in May using a screen I built on Portfolio123.  The Big Five Numbers are criteria Phil Town developed to help identify companies that have wide moats.  Phil Town looks at five