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Mothers Work a Value Trap? Not Likely

I was trying to figure out what is causing Mothers Work (MWRK) to climb more than 13% today.  All I could find was James Altucher’s Daily Blog Watch, which mentions a blog article by Blogvesting questioning whether Mothers Work is a value trap. Altucher’s Blog Watch is always an interesting read but it’s not really

Festival of Stocks at Fully Stocked

This week’s Festival of Stocks is hosted by Fully Stocked. Maria of Fully Stocked included a link to my article on Mothers Work (MWRK).  I enjoyed the articles on E-House Holdings (EJ), Royal Bank of Canada (TSE:RY), and a few other Canadian banks. I did notice quite a few personal finance stories in this week’s Festival

Mothers Work Price Will Rebound as Fashion Trend Ends

I had a Peter Lynch moment a few weeks ago at the mall. My wife and I noticed that many of the woman at the mall were wearing maternity style shirts.  My wife pointed out a few tops that looked just like a maternity shirt she owned when she was pregnant with my daughter. However, these women did not

Rough Month for the Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio

The numbers are in for the Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio and they are not pretty.  My Marketocracy portfolio is down 3.74% this month while the S&P 500 was only down 1.86%.  Currently, the Fat Pitch Financials Port is only acheiving an 8.18% annualized rate of return since inception versus 11.79% for the S&P 500. In July, I

Biggest Losers of Today’s Stock Market Panic

I’m one of those strange people who gets excited by big one day market declines.  To me, it’s a stock clearance sale.  I have been busy today buying stocks.  I added Mothers Work (MWRK) and I accumulated shares of an actual Graham net-net for the Fat Pitch Financials Port.  I also picked up shares of an

Saving on Maternity Clothes

Some of the fattest financial pitches involve simple money saving opportunities.  My wife recently found a great money saving opportunity to cope with her expanding belly.  Yes, my wife is expecting another baby!  In her own words, my wife shares her money saving discovery: