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Berkshire Hathaway Tops Barron’s Most Respected Companies

I was just reviewing the new stories queue at Value Investing News when I discovered that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway was named ‘Most Respected’ by a Barron’s survey. This doesn’t come as any real surprise to me. It’s really about time that Buffett’s company was recognized as a true corporate leader. Some have speculated that

Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio Update

I’m a little behind on updating you on the performance of the Fat Pitch Financials Portfolio.  Let me quickly update you on how my virtual portfolio did in May. Last month, the Fat Pitch Financials Port returned 1.48%.  The S&P 500 returned 3.22% over the same period, so I trailed the index by 1.73%.  I’ve

Microsoft Price Watch

As Microsoft’s stock hit a multi-year high of $31.45 today, I decided it was time to revisit my analysis of this stock. I first bought stock in Microsoft (MSFT) on October 10, 2005 and then I bought it again on May 1, 2006 when it once again dropped below $24.50. I originally determined that MSFT had an intrinsic value of

More Microsoft

I couldn’t resist the prices Mr. Market was offering for Microsoft (MSFT) today. Last Friday Microsoft’s stock took a beating. Shares where down over 11 percent. The company lost more than $32 billion dollars in market capitalization. All this as a result of Microsoft missing profit expectations. Given the delays with Vista and Xbox problems,

Wide Moat Contest Results

Gannon On Investing recently held a contest to find the widest moat company.  I submited an entry for Microsoft (MSFT).  I was excited to find out today that my entry won!  I figured that someone else would find an even better wide moat company, but to my disappointment no one did. Disappointment you ask?  Well,

Free Morningstar Stock Research

Update: This week reports for 10 companies with both dividend yield and dividend growth are available for free at Morningstar. Originally posted on January 7, 2006.  As I started working my way through Barron’s today, I notice an ad by Morningstar. They are offering 15 free research reports on wide moat stocks that currently have their 5-star

Widest Moat Contest

I’m always on the lookout for discussions of wide moat companies.  So when Gannon on Investing announced a widest moat contest, I signed right up.  In his latest podcast, Geoffrey Gannon discusses two of the contest entries he has received.  You can hear me discuss why I think Microsoft (MSFT) has the widest moat. 

Microsoft Purchase

I wanted to make a quick note that I purchased some Microsoft (MSFT) shares today as part of my long term holdings. I found the price of $24.50 per share for this wide moat company to be very attractive. I’m a bit short of time right now to provide further details, but I plan on