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Equity Valuation Class: Cost of Capital

Last week’s equity valuation class session ended on bottom up betas. This week’s lecture is session 5 and it covers the following topics: Bottom up betas Cost of debt Weights for cost of capital Dealing with hybrids Before I get started, I wanted to mention that Professor Aswath Damodaran left a comment on a previous post.

Equity Valuation Class: Country Equity Risk Premiums and Betas

Sorry about the delay in getting to lesson four of Professor Damodaran’s Equity Valuation class. I was just having too much fun reading all about the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting last week and I ran out of time to squeeze in a class lecture.

Equity Valuation Class: Riskfree Rate and Risk Premiums

We are now on session three of Equity Instruments. This session continues the discussion of the discounted cash flows valuation model.

Equity Valuation Class: Approaches to Valuation

I hope everyone who has signed up for the study group received my email yesterday. I discuss some of the logistics of our study group in that email. Please contact me if you didn’t get the message. We are now on session two of Equity Instruments. The lecture starts off by following the Introduction to Valuation

Equity Valuation Class Introduction

Welcome to my study group for the equity valuation class being given by Professor Aswath Damodaran at NYU Stern this spring. I’m sorry about the delay in getting this started, but I got real busy with some last minute tax filing details.  I’ve gotten a great response for this study group on stock valuation, so