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Portfolio123 and StockScreen123 Switching Fundamental Data to Compustat

Jul.12, 2012 in Research Tools Leave a Comment

At the end of the day today, Portfolio123 and StockScreen123 will be switching data providers. The company is making the bold move of switch from Thomson Reuters to Compustat for its fundamental data.  This will change the underlying data used to power these stock screening and backtesting tools.

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Value Investing Research Group on Mendeley

Dec.08, 2011 in Research Tools 1 Comment

I just started playing around with a an online reference manager and social network for researchers called Mendeley. I’ve found it to be a great tool for organizing my PDFs and online links to academic papers. Mendeley allows you to organize, tag, backup, sync, and annotate your PDFs. The desktop software for Mendeley is easy to [...]

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ValueWiki Acquired by Wikia

Feb.10, 2010 in Research Tools Leave a Comment

Yesterday, Wikia announced the acquisition of ValueWiki.  I was actually involved in adding content to Valuewiki when it first came out back in 2006. I was real excited to hear that founders, Jonathan Stokes and Zach Greenberger, were bought out. It gives me hope for my own little social media project, Value Investing News. ValueWiki  [...]

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Who is Searching for Value Investing

Aug.14, 2008 in Research Tools 2 Comments

I am always curious as to what my fellow value investors are doing. A new tool by Google (GOOG) called Insights for Search has given me a new way to find out more about value investors by looking at who is searching for “value investing” related topics. Google Insights for Search has data going back to 2004 on [...]

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SEC Interactive Data Conference Call

Apr.18, 2008 in Research Tools 9 Comments

I had the privilege today to participate in the first ever SEC conference call for bloggers. The topic of today’s call was interactive data using the XBRL standard. XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language, and it is basically a way to make financial statements machine readable using tags. This meeting was held today in part to prep the [...]

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Official SEC XML Feeds

Mar.31, 2008 in Research Tools 2 Comments

Thank you SEC! It’s not often that I feel compelled to thank a federal regulator, especially around tax time, but I am really excited by a new feature of the SEC EDGAR database. This weekend I spotted orange XML feed images all over EDGAR, like the one in the screenshot below of the company page for Western Sizzlin [...]

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Free RSS Feeds for Company Filings on EDGAR

Mar.11, 2008 in Research Tools 1 Comment

Joe Ponzio’s F Wall Street Blog just announced a great new feature. You can now generate company specific RSS feeds for SEC filings. All you need to do is look up a company’s CIK Number by doing an EDGAR search and then enter it in Joe’s SEC filings generator. Here’s a feed I just created for Western [...]

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Amazon Kindle – A Value Investing Tool?

Nov.21, 2007 in Research Tools 2 Comments

This week Amazon (AMZN) announced its entry into the ebook reader market. Their product is called the Kindle.  It is described as a wireless reading device.  It uses a revolutionary electronic-paper display by E Ink that is suppose to look and read like real paper. If you are a value investor, I am sure you spend many [...]

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The Wall Street Journal is Free Today

Oct.16, 2007 in Deals, Research Tools 1 Comment

The Wall Street Journal Online is free today. I just found out about this, so I thought I would share this opportunity with you.  If you find any great value investing news while reading today’s Journal, be sure to share links to those articles by submitting them to Value Investing News. I wonder if today’s free access has [...]

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Fool Boards Free Again

Aug.07, 2007 in Research Tools 40 Comments

I was surprised to discover that the Motley Fool Discussion Boards are once again free.  I can say that much of my early financial education came from lurking and occasionally participating on these message boards. I even subscribed for a year or two before I discovered other message boards and blogs where most of the Fool [...]

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