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Portfolio123 and StockScreen123 Switching Fundamental Data to Compustat

At the end of the day today, Portfolio123 and StockScreen123 will be switching data providers. The company is making the bold move of switch from Thomson Reuters to Compustat for its fundamental data.  This will change the underlying data used to power these stock screening and backtesting tools.

Value Investing Research Group on Mendeley

I just started playing around with a an online reference manager and social network for researchers called Mendeley. I’ve found it to be a great tool for organizing my PDFs and online links to academic papers. Mendeley allows you to organize, tag, backup, sync, and annotate your PDFs. The desktop software for Mendeley is easy to

Inflation Adjuster Android App

I just published my first mobile app! It’s called Inflation Adjuster and it works on Android devices. Inflation Adjuster is a quick and easy to use tool that calculates the dollar price equivalent between two years. Inflation Adjuster calculates what the buying power of a dollar amount in a certain year is worth in another year.

Monitor Upgrade Time – Widescreen LCD?

I’m probably one of the last investors to still be using a CRT monitor. I’ve seen some traders set up with 3 or more LCD monitors at their workstations. My old 21 inch CRT is finally starting to show it’s age. It is flickering a bit now and adding to my eye strain. In addition,

ValueWiki Acquired by Wikia

Yesterday, Wikia announced the acquisition of ValueWiki.  I was actually involved in adding content to Valuewiki when it first came out back in 2006. I was real excited to hear that founders, Jonathan Stokes and Zach Greenberger, were bought out. It gives me hope for my own little social media project, Value Investing News. ValueWiki 

Exploring Wall Street Survivor

The following is a paid review: I’ve been check out Wall Street Survivor this past week. Wall Street Survivor is a free fantasy stock market game where you get to trade real stocks in real time using a fictional $100,000 account. Basically you can use the site as a “paper portfolio” to practice trading stocks.

Value Investors on Twitter

The fastest growing form of communication on the web right now has to be Twitter. I’ve been using the service for about a year now, but I’ve only started seeing value investors using Twitter within the past few weeks. Value investors are a cautious group when it comes to technology adoption, so now that I see them trickling

Firstrade Triple Sign-up Bonus

Looking for a new broker for the new year? Firstrade, the official broker of Fat Pitch Financials, might have the deal for you. They are currently running a triple sign-up bonus. Here’s what they are offering: 100 Free Trades with funding of $2,000 or more $100 Transfer Rebate with funding of $25,000 or more $100

Who is Searching for Value Investing

I am always curious as to what my fellow value investors are doing. A new tool by Google (GOOG) called Insights for Search has given me a new way to find out more about value investors by looking at who is searching for “value investing” related topics. Google Insights for Search has data going back to 2004 on

SEC Interactive Data Conference Call

I had the privilege today to participate in the first ever SEC conference call for bloggers. The topic of today’s call was interactive data using the XBRL standard. XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language, and it is basically a way to make financial statements machine readable using tags. This meeting was held today in part to prep the