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Summer’s Over

Sep.30, 2011 in Site News Leave a Comment

My extended summer vacation from blogging is over. I needed a break at the beginning of summer, so I took a couple of weeks off.  However, I then found it extremely difficult to get motivated to start up again. I caught a form of writers block that has been very hard to shake. The economic [...]

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Premier Exhibitions Investor Day Presentation

Jan.21, 2010 in Site News Leave a Comment

Yesterday Premier Exhibitions (PRXI) gave a presentation to investors and shareholders in Las Vegas, Nevada on the company’s efforts to restructure. I just finished going over the Premier Exhibition Investor Day presentation slides that were posted in a SEC filing. Here are some of the highlights.

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Reader Survey

Jun.09, 2009 in Site News 1 Comment

I’m running a reader survey at Fat Pitch Financials. Don’t be alarmed if you see an overlay on the site asking you to complete a survey. Only a small portion of readers will receive the random pop-up for the survey. Please participate in the survey. The survey will help me better understand my audience and [...]

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Value Investing News Hacked

Apr.01, 2009 in Site News 7 Comments

As I logged into Value Investing News this morning, I noticed something strange. The whole layout of the site had radically changed. It appears to have been hacked!

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Warren Buffett’s 2008 Letter to Shareholders

Feb.28, 2009 in Site News 2 Comments

The 2008 Warren Buffett letter to shareholders is out this morning. Here are some of the highlights I found to be of particular interest. The letter starts off with the grim assessment of the current economic situation. Warren Buffett notes that this past year has see a series of “life-threatening” events in the world’s financial [...]

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Top Value Investing News, Jan. 30 – Feb. 6

Feb.06, 2009 in Site News Leave a Comment

Here are the top stories of the week at Value Investing News: Why Wall Street Will Never Get It Right Monster Worldwide Dividend Stocks proving that not all dividends are at risk Leveraging Dividends Bill Ackman Pershing Square Investment Strategy Odds Update for EMAG Arbitrage Stock Analysis: BP Plc (BP) Book Value? Not So Much [...]

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Testing Fat Pitch Financials Podcast with Odiogo

Nov.19, 2008 in Site News Leave a Comment

Have you ever just wanted to listen to Fat Pitch Financials? You can now, at least for the time being.  I ran across a unique service today called Odiogo that takes blog posts and creates audio podcasts out of them. The voice quality of the automated reader is very impressive. Give it a try by clicking on the [...]

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Live Interview with the founder of MagicDiligence

Oct.30, 2008 in Site News Leave a Comment

Tonight I am hosting a question and answer session with the founder of MagicDiligence, Steve Alexander, in the Value Investing News Forum. MagicDiligence is the sponsor of the October contest at Value Investing News and will be giving away subscription to their service at the end of the month to the winners. Join us live now and [...]

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Going to Value Investing Congress

Sep.22, 2008 in Site News 2 Comments

I will be attending this year’s Value Investing Congress in New York City on October 6th and 7th. Thanks goes out to the organizers of this conference for sponsoring my registration. I am really excited about this opportunity to meet fellow value investors and to hear the current investment ideas of several leading professional investors. This is [...]

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Fat Pitch Financials Turns 4

Aug.12, 2008 in About, Site News 10 Comments

Today, I’m celebrating the fourth anniversary of Fat Pitch Financials. That’s right, Fat Pitch first started on August 12, 2004. Back when I first started this blog, I never dreamed that people would actually read it. Now I have 2,025 free feed subscribers and a growing list of premium paid subscribers of my Contributor’s Corner service. Today, I am [...]

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