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Consumer Debt in the United States

Consumer debt is a big part of the economic reality of life in the United States. AS of June 2013, total consumer debt in the United States totaled $2.84 trillion. The average consumer household has $15,950 in consumer debt. There are three programs that consumers can utilize to deal with excessive personal debt.  These include the

Tax Reminder for Arbitrage Investors: Deduct Reorganization Fees

I just realized as I was preparing my income taxes that I was about to forget the $25 voluntary reorganization fees that I’m charged when tendering shares. I rack up quite of few of these fees throughout the year when I take advantage of odd lot tender offers. Forgetting to adjust for these fees would

Banking Your Savings

Before you walk, you must learn to crawl. Before you invest, you must learn to save. Luckily, saving money is quite a bit easier to do than investing it. Finding the cash to save is not always easy, but banking your savings is fairly straight forward.

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

The Coverdell ESA provides a very smart option to create a college savings account. The key benefit is that your savings are allowed to grow tax free and the money in the account can be withdrawn tax free if it is used to pay for educational expenses. Moreover, the Coverdell ESA allows you a lot

Stocks for Kids

I’ve been wondering when I should introduce my son to stocks. He’s been asking me what I’m doing when I’m researching special situation stocks. He really thinks its neat that I have a website and he loves looking at the numbers. I’ve explained to him how I’m working to find ways to make money. I

What is a Prime Brokerage?

I recently ran across the term, prime brokerage, and I had no idea what it was. I figured it was some kind of elite broker based on the word prime, kind of like the use of the word prime in prime rib. This is sort of right. However, I soon discovered that if you have more than

Sumo Omni Review and Contest

What would happen if a futon and a bean bag chair mated? Well, I discovered the answer when I received my Sumo Omni in the mail the other day. Yes, full disclosure, the Sumo was free. These are the perks of being a blogger. But I fully intend to write an honest assessment of the product.

The Wall Street Journal is Free Today

The Wall Street Journal Online is free today. I just found out about this, so I thought I would share this opportunity with you.  If you find any great value investing news while reading today’s Journal, be sure to share links to those articles by submitting them to Value Investing News. I wonder if today’s free access has

Home Energy Savings

A few week’s ago a won a copy of the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings at my local county fair.  I was pretty excited to win a copy of this new book on energy conservation.  I actually know one of the authors as a result of my participation in local government, so I was

Welcome to the 110th Carnival of Personal Finance

Welcome to the 110th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.  This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance is hosted by yours truly, Fat Pitch Financials.  Fat Pitch Financials is the personal blog of a value investor with a strong interest in personal finance. Here at Fat Pitch Financials you can learn how to taken the