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Quantitative Value

Feb.28, 2013 in Book Reviews 1 Comment

I recently started reading Quantitative Value: A Practitioner’s Guide to Automating Intelligent Investment and Eliminating Behavioral Errors ($) by Wesley R. Gray and Tobias E. Carlisle.  Both of the authors are fellow value investors who blog. Tobias Carlisle runs Greenbackd and Wesley Gray writes the Turnkey Analyst blog.  I’ve followed both of their blogs for […]

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Book Review: Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha

Jan.10, 2012 in Book Reviews 5 Comments

Over the holidays, I read Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha by Richard Tortoriello. I found this book to be very different than most of the books I’ve read on investing. Tortoriello spends a substantial portion of the book walking the reader though his process for evaluating various stock fundamentals. He then tests each of these […]

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The Moats Book Seeks Editors

Dec.06, 2011 in Book Reviews 1 Comment

The content for Bud Labitan’s Moats: Competitive Advantages Of Buffett& Munger Businesses book is now complete. The book is in the final editing phase. Anyone who wants to proofread, edit, and enhance a chapter can join the editing team by visiting

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Ultimate Value Investor Gift, Limited Edition of Security Analysis

Dec.10, 2008 in Book Reviews 3 Comments

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a value investor? The new Sixth Edition of Security Analysis comes in a limited leatherbound edition. This massive beautifully bound classic Benjamin Graham and David Dodd text would be treasured by any value investor. If you are still looking for a holiday gift for a close associate or […]

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Chapter 24: Computer Associates – A Good Business Model Gone Awry

Jul.11, 2008 in Book Reviews 1 Comment

In this next chapter of Mosaic, Mohnish Pabrai examines the price to sales ratio and the financial shenanigans of Computer Associates (CA). Pabrai begins “Computer Associates – A Good Business Model Gone Awry” with a discussion of James O’Shaughnessy’s book What Works on Wall Street. Using a 40 backtest of S&P Compustat’s, O’Shaughnessy’s found that all […]

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Mosaic Chapter 17: Yes, But I Like to Punt!

Jul.09, 2008 in Book Reviews 1 Comment

The next chapter to add to Poor Man’s Mosaic is “Chapter 17: Yes, But I Like to Punt!” In this chapter of Mohnish Pabrai’s book, Pabrai provides a cheat sheet of Warren Buffett rules on investing. Here are the key points: On Punting (taking a high risk, high return bet) “Rule No. 1: Never Lose […]

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Mosaic Chapter 15: On Avoiding Enron-itis!

Jul.08, 2008 in Book Reviews 1 Comment

Continuing on my quest to fill in the missing chapters listed on Poor Man’s Mosaic, I recently finished reading “Chapter 15: On Avoiding Enron-itis!” In this chapter of Mosaic, Mohnish Pabrai discusses six red flags that might indicate a company has “Enron-itis.” These six red flags are as follows: Obtuse financial statements Consistency of business performance […]

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Mosiac Chapter 13: Latticework II

Jun.27, 2008 in Book Reviews 1 Comment

In this chapter of Mohnish Pabrai’s book Mosaic, the discussion starts with a look at Bill Miller of Legg Mason Value Trust. Pabrai argues that Bill Miller’s previous stellar performance with Legg Mason Value Trust lies in “Latticework“, which is the worldly wisdom that comes from an interdisciplinary collection of mental models. Bill Miller views […]

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Mosaic Chapter 11: Dhando! Summary

Jun.26, 2008 in Book Reviews Leave a Comment

With the help of several members of Value Investing News, I posted a series of links to the essays that make up Mohnish Pabrai’s book, Mosaic: Perspectives on Investing. The 26 chapters of Mosaic were actually articles previously published on,, and SiliconIndia Magazine. Searching online, we found links to 20 of the 26 […]

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Interview with Tom Au, Friday at Value Investing News

Jun.12, 2008 in Book Reviews 1 Comment

We have a special event going on tomorrow at Value Investing News. I will be interviewing Thomas P. Au, author of A Modern Approach to Graham & Dodd Investing. The interview will start at 10:00 AM EST tomorrow, June 13, 2008. At the end of the interview, you will be able to ask Tom Au questions in […]

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