Fat Pitch Finder Spreadsheet Version 0.2

Last year, I put together a stock analysis spreadsheet to help me to track a list of wide moat companies that I’m interested in investing in for the long term. I finally have finished updating that spreadsheet.

This new version of the Fat Pitch Finder Spreadsheet has been updated to address a problem with my net cash calculations that I discovered as a result of a comment I received on my analysis of the intrinsic value of Microsoft. I wasn’t including restricted cash when determining net cash on hand, so I was undervaluing some companies. In addition, I also added the following new features:

  • Increased documentation using cell comments 
  • New Free Cash Flow trend chart
  • Added trailing twelve-month free cash flows to the trend analysis
  • Cash and equivalents and debts are now broken out before net cash is calculated

To use this spreadsheet, you need to have Microsoft Excel, and I recommend that it is at least the Excel 2003 version. In addition, you need to install an “Add-In” to make the Fat Pitch Finder spreadsheet work.  The add-in you need is RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla at the smf_addin group files.  Be sure to install the add-in in the directory  C:\Program Files\SMF Add-In  in order for the spreadsheet to work. Finally, download the spreadsheet below and uncompress it before opening it.

If you find any problems with the Fat Pitch Finder spreadsheet or have any ideas on how to improve it, please share your thoughts below.

Download: Fat Pitch Finder 0.2


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