Updated Excel Stock Market Functions Add-In

There is a new update out for the Excel Stock Market Functions Add-In over at the smf_addin Yahoo Group. This latest release is version 1.3d. According to the change log, the following updates were made:

  • Added sector and industry names/numbers from Yahoo
  • Fixed a number of elements from Zacks due to web page changes
  • Added a number of elements from Zacks due to web page changes
  • Added annual O/H/L/C prices from Business Week (values appear inaccurate in some cases)
  • Added a number of Valuation Ratio elements from Morningstar
  • Added a number of Key Ratio elements from Morningstar
  • Added the currency type and magnitude for Google Financial Statements data
  • Added a number of calculated fields (e.g. estimates of Piotroski, Altman, MFI, Rule #1)
  • =RCHGetElementNumber(“Web Page”, elementnumber) will return the URL of the web page the data element is retrieved from
  • Removed volume adjustment option from =RCHGetYahooHistory(). Apparently, all volume is ALWAYS provided adjusted for stock splits.

The most interesting changes included the Yahoo sector and industry info, Morningstar ratios, the new calculated fields (especially Altman’s Z-score). Everything should still be working fine with the Fat Pitch Finder spreadsheet with this new update. I really love this Excel Add-In so I’m pretty excited about this update.

In fact, I’m working on a much more detailed spreadsheet. It will provide a detailed analysis of individual companies that I find to be interesting after running them through the quick and dirty Fat Pitch Finder sheet. The new spreadsheet will incorporate several techniques for estimating intrinsic value, checks for red flags, financial health, and growth. Now I just need to find some time to work on this project.


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