Fat Pitch Finder Spreadsheet

I put together a spreadsheet to help me to track a list of wide moat companies that I’m interested in investing in for the long term. The spreadsheet automatically gathers financial info for the past 10 years from various websites. Feel free to download this beta version of my spreadsheet called Fat Pitch Finder 0.1.

You need to have Excel and install an Add-In to make it work.  The add-in you need is RCH_Stock_Market_Functions.xla at the smf_addin group files.  Be sure to install the add-in in the directory  C:\Program Files\SMF Add-In  in order for the spreadsheet to work.

I included my analysis of eBay Inc (EBAY) on this spreadsheet since some of you were interested in my intrinsic value calculation. Please provide feedback on the sheet.  I’m especially interested in your thoughts on the DCF models. 


  1. By George

  2. By George

  3. By Randy Harmelink

  4. By Jason

  5. By George

  6. By George

  7. By Jason

  8. By George

  9. By Sam

  10. By Leon

  11. By Leon

  12. By George

  13. By Leon

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  15. By Leon

  16. By Spencer

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